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Every day seems to be a holiday on Boracay - all you need to do is relax and enjoy yourself. Just get up, make some coffee and decide whether to go sailing, windsurfing or perhaps snorkeling and looking at corals.

Mount Luho is the highest elevation on Boracay Island with 100 meters above sea level. For the uninitiated, it can be an excruciating ascent going there, but definitely worth the view. Once up there, a little kiosk serves cold water and soft drinks and one can take a rest in one of the hammocks between the trees.

The Bat Caves are on the north East coast of Yapak. Its the home of cave bats and the giant fruit bats with a wingspan of up to four feet. The fruit bats fly regularly at twilight to their nocturnal hunt for food. Naturalists, photographers, spelunkers and brave souls willing to bear the intense stench in the cave can hire local guides, usually young children from the village, to lead them through the jungle-paths to the caves. Environmentalists, however, rather leave the fruit bats to their daytime sleep and wait for the sunset at the White Beach as hundreds, sometimes thousands, of bats take their nocturnal flight right over their heads.

The Dead Forest next to the fishponds in the south of the island there are scores of dead trees. Their silhouettes jut eerily into the landscape in a horribly fascinating way (especially at the witching hour on the night of a full moon).

Museum The Kar-Tir Shell Museum in Iligan has a small collection of sea shells display as well as arts & crafts works various woven products to see. Admission